Monday, 9 January 2017

Patchwork Update #3

I had a very productive day with the sewing machine today...

I sewed together all the strips I cut at my craft day last week which means I'm ⅔ through the red doona cover. I also sewed more blue strips which means I'm ⅔ of the way through that one as well. And I finished off the quilting stitching on the Christmas tablecloth so that is ready to have the red binding stitched around the edges, but I have to wait until I catch up with my friend Judith again so I can get a lesson on how to do it properly. I am super excited about it and can't wait for Christmas 2017 so I can use it! I've decided I'm going to make placemats out of the other Christmas fabric sets I purchased at the same time so Christmas 2017 will look great at our place!

Here are some closeups of the blue and red doona covers so far. I would have loved to do the blue one with a plain blue fabric, but there just wasn't one in the right shade of blue when we purchased them at the wholesale show (much cheaper that way!) so we decided to use the beige of the book pages instead and it looks fine. The final book fabric (not yet pictured) will also use the beige plain fabric.

Last day of holidays for me tomorrow, so I'm planning to enjoy it with the sewing machine again. I've set my alarm for 6.30am so I can get practice at waking up on time (then I'll roll over and go back to sleep one more time!). I'm going to struggle to stay awake at work given I've been having naps morning and afternoon on the couch!

I had a long list of jobs I wanted to do over the holiday break, and I haven't done even half of them - I'm not worried though, they'll still be there next holidays. I might try to get some more of them done tomorrow so I don't feel guilty about wasting enjoying my holiday time.

I have been re-reading the Lee Child Jack Reacher series - my favourite author and character. I'm almost half way through with 7.5 read and 10.5 to go (I am missing 2 of the series). Since I haven't read them for a number of years, they are like reading them for the first time again as I have only been able to remember a few little things about each story. I like them just as much the second time around...
Happy Stitching,

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  1. Kerrie: I love the printed material, books, perfect matching materials.
    I am a Jack Reacher Fan, I am hooked on Lee Childs books.
    I do not like the fact they made a movie with tom cruise at Jack Reacher, they could have in my mind found a better man for the acting job, but hey its me and I am sure not all people agree with me about Tom Cruise.
    Whiuch two books are you missing?
    I know what it is like to have a Holiday plan on getting things done and I fail everytime and only get half of my list done.