Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Provence Market #17 and Patchwork Update #5

Yesterday, I had a medical test at hospital which meant I got the rest of the day off work - yay... I sewed and sewed and got all the strips sewed and cut ready for final putting together tonight and tomorrow! Yay. That's the fifth doona top almost done. Once I sew a few rows together, I'll take some pictures. All I've got on the table at the moment is 126 squares ready to be sewn together.

I've got to get to the fabric store and make some more purchases as I want to make a grocery bag holder and I found a very simple pattern for one here. Every time I look somewhere, I see something else I want to make... it's getting ridiculous.
I also got a bit more of the Provence Market kit done which is coming along nicely...
Happy Stitching,