Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Dog Bed Cover

Last night after a physio appointment for my shoulder which has been sore for months, I quickly sewed up a waterproof material pillowcase for a piece of foam that we will use as a dog bed. Our dog, Clarence, has worn through the cover on his last bed and it is now just a pile of scrap material threads and disgusting weather-logged foam. I picked up the waterproof material for under $20 and I didn't realise, but I have enough to make 2 dog bed covers. Last night I made up one and I just need to buy a new piece of foam to fill it so he has somewhere comfortable and dry to nap during the day.
It has a small fold-over like in a regular pillowcase so I figure if I place it on the ground the opposite to what I've shown in the photo, the bit of white overlap you can see will be on top and the water will run off the bed and not sneak around to inside the cover... we'll see what happens during the first rain shower. Anyway, it will be a million times better than what Clarence has to put up with at the moment so I'm sure he will enjoy it. Now I just need to get some foam to fill it, hopefully I can find somewhere not to far away to get some on the way home tonight.
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