Friday, 24 February 2017

Holy Night Stocking #16

Thanks for all the lovely comments over the last little while for this stocking - it is a joy to stitch! Very happy with my progress so far. I hope to have this finished in March and that will give me about 2 months to do the other stocking as well before the couple I'm doing them for head over to England to live in June!
Last night when I got home, I snuck up behind Clarence while he was snoozing and got a picture of him on his new dog bed. He doesn't look very comfortable with his front leg stuck out like that, but he must have been as he was sound asleep! I even heard a faint snore!
I hope you've all got exciting things planned for the weekend. We're going to a Diabetes Expo on Saturday and a 90th birthday on Sunday.
Happy Stitching,

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