Friday, 24 March 2017

Holy Night Stocking #29

I filled in the gaps in the heel last night so I can confidently move on sure that I haven't missed anything. The little kitten is now done as well.
I do have my next project lined up, in fact, the next two projects! I have a companion stocking to go with this one that I'm hoping to finish by June as that is when the people it is for will be heading to England to live. I can always post it to them if I don't finish it in time (and I doubt I will) but it would be nice to give it to them in person before they go. And then another stocking for a girl at work who is having her first baby in about August. There's not such a tight deadline on that one though as I have until about Nov to get it done so they can use it at Christmas time.
I'm hoping for a more productive stitching weekend this weekend than last weekend. It is the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix and my husband will be at that all day Sat and Sun so I'll have the house to myself. I plan to do the boring housework stuff this afternoon and then stitch all weekend... we'll see how that goes.
Happy Stitching,


  1. That little kitten is so adorable and sweet. I'd do exactly the same thing you would if my husband was going to be busy all weekend...get the housework done early so I can stitch (or sew) all weekend long.

  2. Kerrie: The kitty is so sweet, wow you will have a lot to get done before June.


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