Monday, 24 April 2017

Holy Night Stocking #44

I finished the name banner except for the gold across the top and the back-stitching of the letters. Hopefully tonight I can get that done.
On Friday night,  I went with a friend to see the Fate of the Furious. We went in expecting it to be over the top and crazy, but unfortunately we both felt it was just a bit too ridiculous. The other films have about 5% that you think could actually happen, this one had nothing that made you think 'yeah, this possibly could actually happen'. Overall, I left feeling disappointed which was a pity as I was really looking forward to it.
I won't be able to go and get the backing fabric for this next weekend as we'll be at Aireys Inlet but that just means I can start the next one and shop the weekend after!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Kerrie: It is beautiful.


  2. I'm a few weeks behind catching up on my favorite blogs I follow. You're just about finished with this beautiful stocking. I am totally in love with it. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the movie.

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