Friday, 2 June 2017

Christmas Sled Stocking #14

I've reached the right-side edge of the stocking. This pattern is different to every other stocking pattern I've done in that it is split into 3, all the others are split into 2. So that means I've almost done 1/3 of the stocking now. I am pleased with how it is coming along.
This weekend I'll be at Aireys Inlet, down on the chilly Great Ocean Road in Victoria. It will be cold, but that just means it's great weather to stay inside and stitch all day! My workplace want some cross-stitch cards to offer for sale in a fund-raising campaign and I said I could donate some so I've got a few small designs to stitch and make up.
Have a great weekend...
Happy Stitching,

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  1. Kerrie, I am loving each and every update I am able to peek at of your stocking. It is coming along so well. I love the evergreens and pine cones hanging from the sled. Enjoy your weekend away. I hope we get to see pictures of the cards you will be donating. I can never get enough of stitching pictures.