Monday, 26 June 2017

Christmas Sled Stocking #24

The name banner is getting there, slowly, slowly... I've found if I tuck my right elbow in and barley move my shoulder, it doesn't hurt as much, but it does make for slower stitching. I'm calling the surgeon today so hopefully I can get in to see them asap.
UPDATE - I can't get in until 18th July which is a bit of a bummer! That is the earliest availability. I hope that means he is good at what he does so he is in high demand! Hopefully there will be a cancellation well before then so I can go in earlier.

Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers re:  my shoulder issues - they are much appreciated!
Happy Stitching,


  1. You can try putting pillows under the elbow to hold the shoulder up, that's what I did after surgery and if you stitch in hand (like I do) you can still stitch ok. Good luck!!

  2. Kerrie, As always I love to watch the progress on your stocking. We've had extremely warm temperatures the past few days, so the snow cools me right down. I'm glad you have an appointment with the surgeon now. It is not uncommon to have a six- to eight-week wait for these types of surgery. I'll keep sending positive thoughts your way. --Andrea