Monday, 16 October 2017

Provence Market #21 & Busy Crafting Weekend

The Busy Crafting weekend away at Marysville was FANTASTIC. So many creative people is inspirational and so encouraging. I'm definitely going again next year, and if feedback is anything to go by, just about everyone there was ready to book in for next year too!

I was working away on my project bag and got about 3/4 of the way through when my sewing machine decided to stop playing along - so frustrating. A number of people tried to fix it, but with no luck, it is going in for a service today so it can work again. Bit (actually, very) annoying but at least I got most of the hard bits done while I had plenty of experience around to help me (and boy, did I need it!). I won't show a picture yet until it is finished, but believe me, it is looking amazing! It looks like a real bag - that's what surprises me!

So once the machine died, I was doing my Provence Market cross-stitch and got a fair bit done. Then when I got home, I decided I should make up the little drawstring bag project that was included as part of the gift bag for attendees. I'm almost finished the stitching panel but will have to wait for my machine to be returned before I can finish that off as well...

I also got a start on the design of my next patchwork project. At least I can't start that until I get the fabric so the sewing machine issues aren't affecting that project!
It's SO annoying when things just stop working for no obvious reason... oh well 😕 Hopefully the machine will come back better than ever...

Happy Stitching,

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