Monday, 13 November 2017

Stitch'n'Sew Day & Stack of Critters Stocking #1

Well, Saturday's "Stitch'n'Sew" day was great. There were about 50 ladies, lots of great conversations and wonderful food. I started on another Christmas stocking and was pretty happy with my progress:
 This next design is another Dimensions stocking and it is called Stack of Critters.
Pretty happy with my progress over 1 day... I hope the organisers will hold more of these 'Stitch'n'Sew" days as it was great fun.

Then on Sunday, I started sewing on my final book print doona cover. I think I've said this each time, but this one is my new favourite! The 'plain' fabric is from the Shadowplay range so it is not fully plain, there is a slight wave of colour going through it and I think it really picks up the beige pages of the books in the print. I managed to sew half the doona top on Sunday, so, again, I'm pretty pleased with my progress!
I only had to pull out 1 row of stitching when I mistakenly put two blocks the same next to each other. Otherwise, I love it, unfortunately the photo doesn't do the colours justice. In real life they just pop.
I hope your weekends were as productive as mine...
Happy Stitching,



  1. Nice Christmas Stocking! Great job on it.

  2. Kerrie: Another sweet looking stocking, I love the penguin.
    It is wonderful you had a great time with your stitching buddies.
    Love the quilt, beautiful colors.


  3. Wow! You are fast! I am still working on my Christmas stocking. Where did you get the fabric for the cushions you made? Do you know the manufacturer? I need it for my stash!

    1. The Books of the Bible fabric was from