Monday, 4 December 2017

Stack of Critters #6 and lots of sewing

I had a very productive weekend which I am very pleased about. I got a little cross-stitching done and heaps of sewing...
A peg bag to replace the one that is falling apart. It took me 4 peg bags to get it right, but eventually I got this one exactly the way I wanted it. This will be for my sister who is moving into a new home in the next few weeks. I've got slightly more dodgy ones for me and a friend and one spare as well. The bias binding around the hole took a bit of work but going slow is the key (for me anyway)...
And this I am really pleased with - it is the Believe You Can Quilt panel that I got from the Quilter's Closet. I sewed it up all in one afternoon, and my corners all match as well - very pleased with myself! It is such a sweet pattern and just so cute. I've sewn it as a gift but I am oh so tempted to keep it for myself! I have some beautiful pale grey minky blanket fabric to put on the back so it will be a lovely knee rug for the recipient.
Fast Track - Panel
I also pinned the Fast Track panel for my nephew which I am going to make into a knee rug for him to use when watching the Cars dvds. I hope to quilt it together over the next few nights. It will also have soft minky blanket fabric on the back making it nice and cosy!
Happy Stitching,

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