Monday, 23 July 2018

Strip Tube Quilt

This weekend, I finished the quilt top using a Strip Tube quilting pattern adapted from the tutorial from:

  • Requirements:
1 Jelly Roll (40 x 2.5" strips)
3m blending fabric (I used Spot On-Cream by Robert Kaufman)
Co-ordinating cotton
Batting and backing fabric for finishing

Quarter-inch seams are used throughout
  • Step 1:
First step is to sew your jelly roll together in sets of 2 strips
  • Step 2:
Sew strips of the blending fabric (4.5" wide), right sides together, to the joined jelly roll strips. Sew down both sides to create tubes
  •  Step 3:
Using a 90 degree triangle, or corner of a square ruler, place the point just inside the top row of stitching on the tube. Cut triangles, flipping the ruler for each alternate cut

  •  Step 4:
Open triangles, and press seams to the darker side.
  • Step 5:
Collect matching triangles, and sew them together down the centre. Press middle seams open

  •  Step 6:
Layout your triangles on the floor or design mat, and play around until you get a layout you like (the picture below shows a blending fabric I was trialing)
  •  Step 7:
Sew rows of triangles together

  • Step 8:
Measure width of rows and cut strips of blending fabric 2.5" wide by the average length of your triangle rows. Some joining of blending strips may be necessary
  • Step 9:
Sow blending strips in between triangle rows
  • Step 9:
Iron your quilt top and prepare for finishing with batting and backing
  • Fabrics used in this quilt top:
Jelly Roll: Feed Company by Sweetwater
Spot On (cream) by Robert Kaufman.

Happy Stitching & Sewing,

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  1. Beautiful quilt.
    I had to post as anonymous due to google, I am I love to stitch.