Monday, 28 April 2014


Here are the little movies I made for my recently completed projects:

The next plastic canvas ornament I'm doing is called Hope and it should be finished in the next couple of days...

Happy Stitching,


  1. lovely to see them grow this way

  2. Fantastic movies, great idea. Lovely to see them come together before your eyes. Looking forward to following your next project.

  3. What a neat way to show your progress. It's amazing too the difference before and after blocking, you can really see it on O Holy Night. I am curious (because I have never taken a piece to a framer before), I know you clean the piece, but then do you block it and iron it also? And then do you just take it to them like that and they do all of the lacing and everything? I want to get my Kinkade Beauty and the Beast framed but I want to make sure it gets done right, so I want to do everything I need to before I bring it in. Beautiful work on both of these, you stitch so fast!

    1. Hi Jenilee,
      Not sure what you mean by blocking the piece. All I do before framing is wash and iron - they do everything else. Just remember to iron before you put any beads on - makes it much easier!
      Thanks, Kerrie