Thursday, 3 April 2014

O Holy Night #70 & Prayer Changes Things #2

Ta Da! I'm finished - except for about 10 back stitches! Would you believe it, I ran out of black with 2 little leaves left under Alleluia! I have a dentist appt tonight but after that I'm going straight to the craft shop for more black DMC supplies.

The 2 leaves under the A need outlining, and I've decided I'm going to put in a smile on the angels face in the bottom right corner. There's also some dividers in the large star as well. I probably only need another 50cm length of black... oh well. The beads and stars were surprisingly quick to stitch on - I thought they'd take me much longer and be much more fiddly. If I get a chance, I might even take it to the framers this weekend! I am very pleased with it - it is very vibrant and just makes you happy to look at it.

Since the above was fairly quick to finish, I couldn't sit around for an hour or so with nothing in my hands, so I picked up Prayer Changes Things and back-stitched around the word Prayer.
Apologies for the big shadow over the design...

Happy Stitching,


  1. Well done... it's a wonderful finish!

  2. Hello, Your blog is amazing! There are so many beautiful things here! I love the cross stitch world too and I enjoy making new stitching friends!
    If you want to, come visiting me and let's share some ideas and patterns too!
    Greetings from Brazil,

  3. Congratulations. I like the finished piece and I like the new one too.

  4. So pretty! I have only just in the last couple of weeks seen your progress on this, but wonderful job! I bet you are glad you didn't save ALL of the backstitching until the end - I think it would be totally overwhelming on this project! Beautiful :)

  5. Happy Dance for You!!! What a lovely finish. Well done

  6. Congratulation.
    Wonderful finish.

    Greetings, Manuela

  7. Well done! It looks great! Glad to know that Clarence is doing better again as well!

  8. I love the writing in the 'Prayer Changes Things' design!