Monday, 4 August 2014

Footprints #3 & Framing Update

Hello all,
Another productive weekend on the stitching front, in between snoozes on the couch and cooking up a storm in the kitchen!
I took the 5 completed Heartfelt designs to the framers on Friday after work, but when I put them down on the white bench, there were small hoop marks on 3 of them. So I left two to get framed and brought the other 3 home for a wash. I'll swap them over next Friday when I pick up the completed ones.  I've washed them twice and I can still see the marks, or I think I can. I'm not sure if they have actually washed out and I'm just seeing things because I know where the marks were... or if they are actually still marked. I've done what I can so I'll be getting them framed on Friday, marks or no marks. This all just means that I simply HAVE to buy a new large hoop to replace the timber one I've used since I started stitching... Oh well, some things can't be argued about!!

Happy Stitching,


  1. What a shame. Do you wrap the inner hoop of your hoop frame with white tape? I do and find that helps with grip and with potential marking

  2. Footprints is coming along astoundingly quickly and is looking great! I can't wait to see your Heartfelts framed. You've given no hint as to how you've chosen to frame them so that doubles the anticipation! Hopefully the additional washing and stretching when they are framed will get rid of any hoops marks you (think) you can see. :)