Friday, 1 August 2014

Be Joyful #7 & Footprints #2

Last night as I was preparing my Heartfelt designs for taking to the framers today, I noticed I hadn't actually finished one because I'd run out of black and hadn't done the beading. Lucky I picked it up, so I was able to get it finished and ready for framing later today.
And once I'd done that, I managed to get a little more of Footprints done too. A reasonably productive night last night!
And another update on the Heartfelt series - thanks to a few comments, there are now 3 new designs I wasn't aware of before so I have ordered those - thank you Teresa and Jacqueline.
Give Thanks Counted Cross Stitch Kit  Oh Sing Counted Cross Stitch Kit Hope Lord Counted Cross Stitch Kit
There is Give Thanks, Oh Sing and Hope Lord. If anyone knows of any others I haven't stitched or ordered yet, please let me know about them!

Happy Stitching,


  1. I am so glad you ordered the remaining 3 kits. I have had another huge search and I am pretty sure that is it. I cannot wait to see which one you choose first (once you are finished your current kit of course). Also please reconsider the Majestic Peacock design. I think you are fantastic stitcher and I am sure it would look amazing!

  2. Beautiful stitching! I agree about the Majestic Peacock. You are a much more experienced stitcher now and I'm sure you could do it, no problem!

  3. Lovely stitching, the bird is beautiful, Footprints is a lovely stitch.
    One of my favorites.


  4. Beautiful! I stitched the 23rd plasm in the same style as your footprints, it was challenging but i loved it x

  5. While I am sharing links on your blog - not sure if you have seen the 23rd psalm kit that I think Michelle W refers to. It is by Janlynn and in the same style as your current kit (but stitched on evenweave). It has been discontinued...but there are still some stockists that sell it.

    1. Hi Jacqueline, Beautiful design in the link - thanks. I've already done a 23rd Psalm one so I probably won't do another but it is beautiful.