Monday, 29 December 2014

Elephant ABC #13

Well, we thought Clarence had forgotten how to escape, but no such luck - my husband just caught him wedged halfway in and halfway out of the side gate that he used last time to escape. He is so naughty. We won't be able to leave again without putting him inside, just in case. It rained a bit this morning and he was freaked by that and we are expecting thunder later, but there hasn't been any yet... but he is still freaked. Poor baby. He just doesn't understand that it won't hurt him. We'll be putting him inside shortly and will head off to the hardware store for some stuff to attach the gate more securely.

Besides that excitement, the ice-cream I had yesterday from the pop-up shop was caramelised fig and it was delicious. It's a bit cool for ice-cream today, but maybe tomorrow... My husband got 3 cookbooks for Christmas (he does all our cooking which is great!) and he started working his way through them last night. He made prawn gow gee (dumplings) with veggies and boy, were they yummy. Tonight, we've got chicken satay with salad.

I also read a whole book yesterday and am half way through another. Yesterday I read "Burn" by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge; today I'm reading "Hunter Killer" by Chris Ryan. I've got a couple of others as well for my holiday reading.

Now to the stitching. Yesterday I made good progress. I finished off the G, and did the F and A.
Hope you all have a great day...
Happy Stitching,

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  1. Your alphabet is so cute! Beautiful stitching too. I'm glad that you thwarted Clarence's escape!