Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Elephant ABC #14

I only got the 'I' done yesterday - too busy reading. I finished my second book and today I've started "Eden' by Candice Fox. Who doesn't love summer holidays where there's nothing to do but read and stitch! The weather's looking a little better here today - yesterday was rain and clouds all day. 

Book Review: Hunter Killer / Chris Ryan - the story line and action wasn't too bad, but I didn't like the ending, no real conclusion and lots left hanging unfinished. Plus it was set in Britain mostly, and the language used by some of the characters was a bit off-putting at times (most of the action books I read are from America).

Book Review: Burn / James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge - this was a good one and this is demonstrated in that I couldn't put it down and finished it within about 7 hours. It is another of the series featuring Detective Michael Bennett and was action-packed, and even got a few laughs out of me at times. This series is worth reading if you like action-packed police drama.

Tonight my husband is making something we've never had before for dinner - bacon jam. I'm not exactly sure what it is but it's going with some corn fritters and other stuff so it sounds yummy. The satay he made last night was not bad, but it could have been a bit more peanutty. Just means he has to make it again and again until he gets it right - and I have to taste test of course!

Have a great day,
Happy Stitching,


  1. Taste testing is a great job to have. :-) The elephants are looking great too!

  2. Very cute elephants! You are lucky you have a husband who cooks.

  3. Your elephants are adorable:)

  4. Elephants is coming along really well.
    Satay... mmmm my favourite. I wouldn't mind being the taste tester for that either!! :)