Thursday, 24 September 2015

Holiday update #11

today we've just wandered around taking our time.. We went back to the Public Library of New York to get the due date socks that they didn't have the first time we went. I can go home happy now! We went to Times Square, back for a quick look in Macys (which reminded me how much I hate shopping!) then a stroll through the streets just taking it all in. We got some cupcakes from a little corner store for afternoon tea. I got an Oreo one and it actually had a mini Oreo cookie in the middle of it, very yummy.  I think now we'll have a snooze and go out again later this evening again. We had a nice lunch from a pop up place in/near Madison Square which was delicious. Tonight is our last night in New York and we're considering going back to the sushi place again. I know it's not the only food place in ny but when you find something you like, stick with it!

Until next time...


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  3. Come back soon!
    The library is too quiet without you :)