Monday, 5 October 2015

Holiday update #12

so we've been out of range whilst on the cruise ship for 10 days. It was fantastic. If you've never been on a cruise, put it on your bucket list! We've been on Holland America cruises and highly recommend them.
We stopped at Boston, Charlotteville! Saguenay, Sydney, Halifax and Quebec. I don't think I've forgotten any stops. We did tours at each place and they were generally quite good, some better than others. But it has helped us realise next time we won't do so many big tours. They were long days on the buses and our patience got a workout with people being late back to the bus, people taking forever to get on or off the bus and many other small issues that by the end of the cruise, we were over it! Next cruise we might just do half day tours. This cruise only had 2 days at sea so there wasn't a lot of time to just do nothing. We will now do nothing in Quebec for the next couple of days.

We can't wait to get home and see our doggy. Every time we see a dog, we get so home sick. From all reports, he is behaving himself and having fun, I hope he remembers who we are!
We've put on many kilos whilst on the boat, all you do is eat fantastic food...

We've had a few regional food items. Today we had poutine which is chips with gravy. We've realised we've been having poutine for ever as we often get chips with gravy and eat them at the beach at home on the weekends. We had maple taffy at a maple farm which is like a maple syrup lolly pop. It is quite rich but nice. I had a drink that was like Baileys but maple flavoured and very nice in Quebec. We've had lots of lobster and seafood, and blueberry pies seem to be on every menu. We've bought lots of stuff too. Maple covered peanuts - oh you've got to try those they are amazing!

TV will be interesting for the next couple of nights as all the channels are in French except for a sports channel! It is a strange feeling to not understand any of the signs around town. In Quebec they speak French with some English translations but not on every sign. We felt the same when we went to Noumea a few years ago. I can only remember a few things from my high school French but it hasn't been a problem so far.

I'm hoping to get to the cross stitch shop maybe tomorrow and then we will have done everything we wanted to do.

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