Monday, 14 September 2015

Holiday update #1

Made it to Hong Kong without any dramas. Now we've got 2 hours to fill in before boarding for 15 hours to New York. Very exciting! Why are airports always so hot? Have to say Hong Kong airport is very clean and pretty well signed. It's so big we got a train from where we departed to where our next gate was! On the plane I watched "woman in gold" and "man with a gun" - both quite good movies. Got a bit of sleep but I feel surprisingly good for how little I got. Will hopefully get some more with the help of a tablet on the next leg. New York is exactly 12 hours behind Hong Kong so it is like swapping day for night (it is 7:45am at the moment). Food was nice on the plane. We had a prawn and rice dish with vanilla ice cream for supper and a frittata for breakfast. Thank god for premium economy - my husband wouldn't have survived without the extra leg room!

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  1. Wow! You're going to New York! How long will you be there? We're going to be there ourselves next week :D Can't wait :)