Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Holiday update #2

We're here! Made it to New York feeling pretty good. Should be able to stay awake until a reasonable hour tonight before starting in New York time tomorrow. We've got a Big Apple greeter booked to show us around a bit so that should be good. We've been to a couple of grocery stores looking for different flavoured chips and sweets but the ones we have seen all appear to be the same as what we can get at home. Just have to keep looking I suppose. It's supposed to be about 30degrees tomorrow 87F which will be nice.  Alcohol is dearer here, eg a bottle of Baileys was US$40 whereas at home it is AUD$30, other stuff was cheaper. And no 2l milk bottles, only 946ml which is a quart- they seem so tiny! Got some snacks and porridge for breakfast so all ready to start the day.

On the plane ride from Hong Kong, I watched 2 movies - San Andreas which was so ridiculous it was almost funny and St Lawrence with Bill Murray, quite a nice story. The second movie I saw from Melb to hold was the gunman, not man with a gun. It had Sean Penn in it. I took a couple of sleeping tablets and slept fairly well for several hours which was good. The food on the plane was nice too. We had an emergency exit row in this plane even though we were in the same numbered seats as the first plane. This one was a bigger plane. It was good and bad - good because we had heaps of legroom so we could stand and stretch whenever we wanted and there was a toilet in premium economy in this plane too which was good. Bad because it meant we had no window to watch the view coming into ny. The leg rests supported your whole leg rather than just the footrest in the first plane. It was good being picked up at the airport - we'd still be trying to find our way if we had to drive ourselves!

I think I'd like a shower now before going somewhere close by for dinner.

Until next time...



  1. Have fun in NY - it is a lovely city!

  2. I could never get use to converting from US to Metric. Welcome to the states!! Hope you enjoy it and stay safe.

  3. Your milk comes in 2L bottles?? Sorry, only soda comes that way this side of the pond. Pints, quarts, half gallons (that's 2 quarts) and gallons is what you'll find. They make you do metric in school here but everything in your daily life is inches, pounds and gallons.