Thursday, 17 September 2015

Holiday update #4

Another huge day today. We started off early at the Empire State Building. A fantastic view and not too bad for height phobics - I couldn't move when I got out of the lift at the Sky Tower in Auckland but I had no trouble walking around the ESB. The view was amazing - a little smoggy out further but a beautiful sunny day in ny made for a great view all round. We also went up to the 102nd floor and that was great too. It was quite a small area in comparison so it really made you feel like you were at the top (apparently there is one more floor up for VIPs). We got there just after opening and there was already a short queue - I'd hate to have gone in the middle of the day when it was busier. They did have miles of queues roped off for when it is busy.
Next we went to Times Square which was pretty good but not as I was expecting. I suppose I was thinking of people in the streets but that would probably only happen on New Year's Eve when they close the streets. There was still a large number of people going about their business. We had wanted to get tickets to a Broadway show but the queue was very long and it was quite hot in the sun. We might try again for tickets another day. The huge TVs everywhere were all so clear, probably HD or something. It would be so bright at night time.
We went to the M&I'm shop which was cool but just a lot of chocolate. I had thought I'd get some to take home, but we have M&Ms at home so it was no big deal. We got a hand full of freebies which was nice. So to be fair we had to go to Hershey's World as well which was just opposite. A free Hershey's Kiss upon entry was nice, but again, we have chocolate at home so I didn't get any.
Then we went to Madam Tussauds which was really quite good. I didn't have high hopes for it but the models were mostly lifelike with only the odd exception looking a bit fake. We took lots of pictures with different celebrities, being very touristy.
For lunch we had McDonalds. Tim wanted an American Big Mac and he said on the whole it was basically the same as the Australian ones. I had a buttermilk chicken burger which was quite nice.
After lunch we did some shopping, or rather should I say Tim did some shopping. I got 2 tshirts, Tim got 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, a dress shirt, 2 tshirts and 2 pairs of shoes!! All of them were at great prices. For example, shoes that would be at least $120 at home were $55 plus Macy's had a big sale so I think we got 20% off as well. Macy's was crazy - it is just huge. We might go back so I can have a look for some things for myself later.
After a short rest we then when to the New York public library where I had to copy some info for my work colleague who has done a lot of his family history. I found the right room and got a library card which is a nice momento in itself. Then we looked at a photography exhibition while we waited for the book we neede to be collected for us. When it came through I found the relevant pages and had to buy a photocopy card (another momento) to copy the relevant pages. I hope what I've copied will be useful. After that it was time to come home.
We had another short rest before going to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner - so nice to have some vegetables. Neither of us could finish the meals as they were so big but it was delicious.

I think tomorrow we will get a bus or the subway uptown and do a few museums around Central Park... We'll see.

Now we're watching a baseball match to try and get familiar with what is going on for when we go on Saturday.

Until next time...

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