Friday, 18 September 2015

Holiday update #5

Today we had a bit of a slower day but still saw heaps of stuff. We took the bus uptown and were going to go to the Guggenheim but it is closed on Thursdays so we headed to the Metropolitan museum of art for a better look around than what we saw briefly on Tuesday. It was great! We were there for about 2-3 hours and we got a hot dog from a street vendor for lunch. It was surprisingly nice. Although I did spill melted cheese down my shirt so that wasn't great. After lunch we walked across Central Park to the Museum of Natural History. This was a bit of a letdown from my perspective. There were plenty of stuffed animals in lifelike displays of habitat but there was nothing technological. I thought there would be at least some interactive displays but we didn't come across any. By the time we'd seen the 7th room of such displays, I was over it. We persevered a little longer and then headed back across Central Park to get the bus back down 5th Ave. our feet are aching! We're not used to being on our feet all day every day. We got back to our hotel about 4pm for a short rest before heading out for dinner.
I think tonight we will go to a pub for dinner, but we might not... We'll see.

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