Saturday, 19 September 2015

Holiday update #6

Today we went to the Rockefeller Center and went up the tower. Great views again. The lift up was a bit freaky as it has a glass roof! Then we went back to Times Square and did some more shopping - I got a few things as well this time! Then we took our shopping home and then got the across town bus to the Hudson River. We went to the Intrepid sea and air museum which was pretty cool. We got the water taxi ride down the Hudson, to Battery Point, under the Brooklyn Bridge, past the Statue of Liberty and back to the dock. That was a great ride, but I think I got a bit of sun on my face - I have a nice pink glow... After the bus ride back, we went to Macy's again for me this time. And finally back to the hotel for a rest before dinner.
We went back to the Aji sushi restaurant that we were so impressed with a couple of nights ago. We had different things this time and they were again delicious. The beauty of sushi is you don't tend to feel so bloated, even after eating a lot of it.
Big day at the baseball tomorrow - the news has been reporting on the crosstown rivalry, being 2 New York teams (Yankees and Mets). They are expecting a big crowd so we will try to get there early.

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