Sunday, 20 September 2015

Holiday update #7

Today was all about the baseball! We got to Grand Central and caught the 7 line train out to Citifield. It was quite good as it was only in the underground subway for part of the trip. Halfway along, it came up and we could watch Queens go by. Very different to Manhattan. Unfortunately, our seats at the stadium were in the sun all day and it was hot again. We rubbed on the sunscreen but I'm sure we will still pay for it. I had a burger and chips for lunch, Tim had a chicken burger. For 'afternoon tea', I had an ice cream in a mini Mets helmet so we have a souvenir for the man cave! We also got free blowup clappers - it was fun watching the rivalry between the two New York teams, all good-natured.
Neither of us really had much clue as to what was going on so we left before it was over. We certainly didn't want to be on the subway with 40,000+ fans! Although the train we got stopped only a few stops after we got on. We had to change trains as that line had a signal problem. That meant we got onto another line and were able to get off at Macy's which is a 5 minute walk from our hotel. I got some shoes for myself on the way back.
We liked the Thai restaurant we went on on our first night here so much that I think we'll go back there again. Tomorrow morning is our helicopter ride and we are really looking forward to that. I hope the smog stays away. While we're down that end of town, we'll also do some Trade Center stuff and Tim wants to go to Katz's deli on the way back.

The cross stitch I bought with me hasn't left the suitcase - I'm too tired at night to concentrate plus the hotel room doesn't have very good lighting at all. Maybe on the cruise part of the holiday it will make an appearance. I'm so looking forward to not having to do stuff every day on the cruise. The relaxation part of the holiday can really begin.

Until next time...

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  1. Looks like you've had a wonderful holiday. I too often bring stitching that never seems to find its way out of the suitcase. :)