Monday, 21 September 2015

Holiday update #8

Today we had our helicopter ride up along the Hudson River, over the Statue of Liberty and other famous sites. We got the bus down to the launching place and went for a bit of a walk first as we were a little early. Then we had our helicopter ride. There were 6 passengers in total and 1 pilot obviously. Tim and I were in the back and thankfully I was on the window side. Using my iPad, I got probably hundreds of shots of things I won't know what they are when I go back through them, but that's OK. The view was fantastic, and I would recommend you try to do a helicopter tour in New York if you ever get here. When we got back from the flight, we took the "Liberty & Ellis Island" ferry across to see the Statue of Liberty. We'd heard the queues can be pretty bad, and there was high security like at an airport, but we were through in not too long a time and on our way. We didn't go inside the statue and walked around it listening to the audio commentary and taking many more photos.
Tim wanted to go to Katz's Deli which was only a few bus stops from Battery Point (the end of Manhattan). So we got off there and found the queue to be at least 50m outside the shop. We decided to pass on that and went to 'Russ and Daughters' for a 'daughters delight' on a sesame bagel. It had cream cheese, salmon and some sort of caviar/roe. It was very tasty indeed although I was expecting the bagels to be soft, they were a little firm, almost crunchy. Very nice indeed and now we can say we've had an authentic New York bagel.
Back on the bus and we were going to get off uptown to go to the museum of the city of New York. However when we got up there, everyone else had got off the bus and, perhaps stupidly, we felt very conspicuous. We decided to stay on the bus and do the loop through Harlem and back to midtown. Then the bus driver says "last stop" and for a second we panic thinking what do we do know? Then it resolved itself and we got on the next bus and headed back downtown. It was getting on in the day and we decided to come back to the hotel to drop off our bags before heading into Times Square to Guy's American Diner and Grill for dinner which should be a good experience.
Tim got to have authentic American spare ribs (which he said were delicious) and I had bacon wrapped shrimp with bbq sauce, also quite nice. The meal sizes weren't as huge as I was expecting so we came home and had babka from the lunch location for dessert.
Tomorrow we've booked in for a 'taste of Brooklyn' pizza tour which looks like a lot of fun. Tim is looking forward to seeing more of Brooklyn, a few movie locations, Coney Island and of course eating 2 styles of authentic American pizza. So it will be nice to have a bit of a slower day tomorrow. Then on Tuesday, we've got a very early start for our tour to Niagara Falls which should be amazing!
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