Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Holiday update #14

today we slept in and went to Tim Horton's for breakfast. It is like Starbucks, but Canadian. There was one across the street from our hotel in the foyer of an office building. You'd never know it was there by just walking past as there were no signs or anything. Inside there were a few shops including a Starbucks. Starbucks was empty, Tims was busy. I got a breakfast wrap and a hot chocolate. I really wanted oatmeal, but they only do it on Wednesdays. Boy, it is so hard trying to communicate in another language. Luckily they had numbers on the menu and spoke some English so we got it done eventually.
After breakfast, we went to the observatory on the 31st floor. We liked it better than the Empire State and Rockefeller in ny. There were no crowds so we just took our time and read all the notices. It is on a hill so you get a 360 degree view and can see for miles. Plus it was only $10 so very reasonable. Well worth it! Then we went to a chocolate shop with a little museum. I got a box of 9 various chocolates which I hope will make it home unmelted in my carry on luggage. We got sushi from another outlet the same as our dinner last night and came back to the hotel room to eat it. Then we both had sleeps and just rested for a while. For dinner we went to 3 Brewers Grand Allee a microbrewery. I had fish and chips, the beer batter was delicious and chocolate mousse which was also very yummy. My husband had pork shank with veggies. Huge amount of meat, but it was so tender and delicious. He also had one of their brews which he liked.

Now we have a taxi booked to get to the airport early tomorrow morning and start our journey home. I can't wait to get home and see Clarence. Hopefully we'll be home early Friday afternoon and my parents will be at the airport to collect us.
Then we have a weekend of car racing with the biggest race of the year - Bathurst 1000. We'll just be watching it on TV, hopefully I can stay awake during the day time.

Until next time,

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