Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Holiday update #15

early start this morning with taxi to Quebec airport at 6.15am. We got oatmeal at Tim hortons at the airport and it wasn't too bad. The airline assistant checked in our bags all the way to Melbourne so we don't have to worry about collecting them in Toronto or Hong Kong. I got charged for having overweight baggage - 30.8kgs! There were no shops open to buy another bag so we'll just have to pay it to get home. Oh well, another holiday expense. I did bring a spare fold-flat bag with me but it was one I had had for 30+years and I hadn't noticed when I packed it that the handles and straps had disintegrated so we left it in the hotel room bin. That sounds like a good excuse to get a new set of suitcases before our next big trip whenever that might be!
We've got a short flight to Toronto, a couple of hours wait then 15.5 hours to Hong Kong.
It is nice to be on our way home...
Until next time,

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