Friday, 22 January 2016

Clarence Update

I've had a little break from stitching the last few nights as I've had other stuff on. Last night I bought some babies socks with the little rubber bits on the bottom for Clarence - our 14yr old Golden Retriever. He has weak nerves in his back legs so he drags his back feet when he walks. Now he has developed a little sore on the top of his foot from the dragging and the vet said the only way to get it to heal is to protect it from the dragging with booties or something similar. I've searched online for dog booties and there are some very cute ones available. I found a plain set of black leather ones but to have them posted to Australia will cost over $80 - that would mean Clarence would have better shoes than me, so I'm holding off on getting those for now. We thought we'd try the socks first because if they don't work, we've only wasted $4.50. 
I tried them for the first time last night and at first he kept tearing it off but once he settled down for the evening, I managed to put it on and he left it there. At one stage he was so completely asleep, that I got the gaffa tape and secured it around his ankle to see if it would stay on through the night. This morning we woke to find it had worked so it looks like we'll just keep using the little socks for now. Although they are thin and will probably wear fairly quickly, I've got 8 socks in the pack I bought, and $80 will buy 20 packs so I think that is our solution for the time being. Here is a pic of Clarence with his new bootie/sock. I might try lining the inside of the sock with some more gaffa tape to protect the top of his foot when he walks.
We're off to Aireys Inlet tonight for a long weekend away (Tuesday is Australia Day and we both have Monday off as well). Hopefully this time the ants won't be a problem and we can have a relaxing few days away.
Hope you all have a great weekend...
Happy Stitching,


  1. He's such a darling! Keeping my fingers crossed that he'll keep the sock on and that the sore foot will heal:)

  2. It's amazing how much some people are prepared to spend on their pets when substitutes will do. Hope he gets used to his booties. :)

  3. Aww lovely Clarence. He is such a handsome boy. He'll get used to them. We had a spaniel who used to get sore paws and have to wear socks. Mum kept his on with flat shoelaces.

  4. Oh I hope that the socks work for Clarence! Hope the sore on his paw heals quickly!!