Monday, 25 January 2016

Washing Machine Drama, Clarence update & Framing

Today we had another household appliance decide to play up - our washing machine got stuck on fill and overflowed, flooding the laundry, hallway, into the dining room and even through the walls into the main bedroom wardrobe! 
We often go out after we put the washing machine on, but we won't be doing that again. If we hadn't been home when it happened, the whole house would be under water! We stopped it as soon as we could but unfortunately, we have floating floorboards in the hallway and dining room so it looks as though they will need to be replaced. We've got big, loud industrial driers on the carpet in the wardrobe and in the dining room trying to dry it and the walls out. Our insurance company has been pretty good with the whole situation so far, hopefully that continues.
Isn't it said that these sort of things happen in threes - I hate to think what's going to die next.

Clarence survived with his socks throughout the weekend but I will definitely need to put some gaffa tape inside the sock where his nails are. They need a trim as well. The 2 socks we've gone through both have huge holes at the tips of his foot so he obviously needs some extra protection on that part of his foot. Hopefully that will help it not to wear through so quickly. Luckily, he seems to have gotten used to the idea that he has to wear the sock.

We're both home again tomorrow for the Australia Day public holiday which will be nice - gotta love an extra long weekend. We might go looking for a new washing machine - the one we have has lasted over 17 years so it's done pretty well.

Oh, I almost forgot - I picked up the framing that I put in before Christmas and I'm very happy with the results. Sorry about the reflections in the photos...
The elephant ABC has a dark grey and dark purple matt with a plain white frame. This matches all the other ABCs I have framed in one of my spare bedrooms. This one will join them.
The Stitching ABC is very pretty. It has a distressed dark brown wood frame that looks really good with the browns in the design. I am very pleased with it and it will most likely go on the wall in my other spare bedroom.
The final frame I picked up was for Footprints and I think this is my favourite of the three. It has a pale, sandy wood frame with pale cream and blue matts. I am very happy with this one. This will most likely go on the end of one of the rows of books in my theological library. I might put it right across from my desk so I can look at it every day. I can't believe this has been sitting waiting to be framed since 2014! I think it was worth the wait.
They were all framed by Framing to a T in Hallam, VIC.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Oh my, it sounds as if your old washing machine caused you a LOT of hassles! Your stitching is beautiful; I love it all but the stitching ABC is my favorite:)

  2. Oh my what a drama, I hope you can get it dried out quickly. In the uk you can get suede soled slipper socks, I'm wondering whether you can get them in Aus, and whether they might be suitable. The stitching is beautiful. Footprints will look lovely in the library with your other designs and I do love the stitching one. I hope you are enjoying the long weekend.

  3. Yikes! I hate when things like that happen, I remember when our washing machine flooded and the whole dining room carpet had to be replaced, nightmare! Glad Clarence is doing ok and the framed finishes look great!

  4. The pictures turned out beautiful!

  5. Sorry to hear about your washing machine; thank goodness you were home! Your framed pieces look great, I love the Stitcher's Alphabet.

  6. Yikes! Our washer died last fall with clothes and water in it but it didn't cause damage! At least it was an excuse to upgrade to an HE set which works great!

  7. What a disaster! Luckily our machine is on a lower floor than the rest of the house.
    At least you had your lovely framed pieces to cheer you up too.

  8. That's awful news about your flooding. Hope everything dries out and is OK.
    Your framed pieces look lovely. Was it really 2014 when you finished Footprints - how times flies! :)