Monday, 11 January 2016

Santa's Journey #26

I've started to fill in the greenery of the Christmas tree. There's no big blocks of colour so it's a bit fiddly but will look good when done.

Tuesday is my last day of holidays which is a bit depressing. And Wednesday is supposed to be 41C so I've asked my boss if I can take Clarence (our 14yr old Golden Retriever) to work [there's a shaded secure area that would be perfect for him]. Hopefully I'm given the OK and I can put ice blocks in his water throughout the day and wet him down with the watering can. At home, his only relief from the heat is the release valve on the hot water system. And if I put an ice block in his water, it would only keep it cool for a short amount of time. He sleeps most of the day anyway so I don't think it will be a problem - hopefully!

I've just about done all the jobs I had on my list to be done over the holidays. Today I cleaned my shower with a product I bought when we rebuilt our house. I've finally finished it off, and although it was expensive (over $100), it's lasted and done the job for 4.5 years and I'd recommend it, which I don't often do. It's called 'EnduroShield' and is well worth the money. I hope the hardware store still sells it. It has allowed me to clean my shower only 4 times in 4 years! I know that sounds gross, but after each shower we squiggy it to take off water drops and streaks, but it doesn't need a full clean with chemicals etc. Once a year you use the supplied cleaner and redo the shield stuff and it keeps it clean for a year! It's great. At $25 per year to have a clean shower that still looks new, it has been great value.
Happy Stitching,


  1. This Santa is super lovely! It looks like He is in hurry as he must be busy delivering presents:) I am also so sad that Christmas time is over:(

  2. Santa is looking great! Sorry you have to go back to work but hopefully Clarence can join you. Do you have a neighbor who could come give him water/ice during the day?