Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Santa's Journey #27

Last day of holidays - boo hoo for me. Taking it easy though just as I have for the last 3 weeks! I switch between stitching on the couch and watching Grand Designs (I've watched series 1-7 so far, just one more series to go in the set); colouring in my new colouring book with my new Derwent pencils; using the computer for blogging and checking emails so I don't have thousands to go back to tomorrow; general house tidying stuff and a little cooking. We have avoided the shops unless absolutely necessary and only been for a couple of day drives which is unlike us as we usually go for long drives quite a bit. It has been one of the laziest holidays I've ever had, and it's been great! Not looking forward to the excessive heat expected tomorrow...
Happy Stitching,


  1. Kerrie: I love the Santa's Face so beautiful, you are so close to finishing, I bet you are excited.
    I love coloring books, I guess its the child in me but I love it.


  2. Well done for having a relaxing holiday in which you achieved so much. Enjoy working again!! :)

  3. Sometimes it's great to just relax. Santa is looking lovely

  4. Sometimes a bit of relaxation is just what is needed!