Thursday, 24 March 2016

Life is About #16

I only had a chance to do the back-stitching around 'destination' last night...
I had 5 more students do the Library Easter Egg Hunt yesterday and they were all excited about it and had a great time. I'm still not sure it is enough to make me do it again next year though. I'm almost through my prepared bags of eggs - I don't want to have to take any home!
I am SO looking forward to the extra long weekend tomorrow... We've got my 9 & 6 yr old nephews Friday night, then my parents for Saturday dinner, then we're going to see comedian Ross Noble on Sunday night after the first footy match of the year on Sunday afternoon - Monday, I have no plans except sleeping! Who knows how much cross-stitch I'll be able to squeeze in between all these things!

Happy Easter everyone, be safe if you're on the roads!

Happy Stitching,


  1. Kerrie: You are almost finished, yahoo.

    Happy Easter

  2. Great progress on this design. You can really see it growing with each post.
    Quiz writing is difficult! I did one for the bookshop where I work. It was for children aged 5-12 and involved them finding various areas of the shop and answering a question - eg which books are on the same shelf as the poetry books? This meant the younger children could be pointed in the right direction by an adult without being told the actual answer!
    We were doing well until we sold out of one of the books in the questions and had to hurriedly get a replacement!