Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Life is About #17

I'm very happy with my progress over the long Easter weekend.

We had a great time with my 2 nephews on Friday night - but it was tiring and we both needed a nap on Saturday afternoon. I hope they enjoyed themselves and want to come back next holidays.

Sunday, we had a good time at the footy as our team (Western Bulldogs) won and then we went to Ross Noble on Sunday night. He was good, I liked the encore bit of his performance best. I'm sure we'll go and see him again.

Yesterday, we didn't do a lot - mowed the lawns, some baking, more sleeping! I started packing for our next trip - I know, there's still over 50 days to go before we leave, but I can't help it - preparing is half the fun! For those who may not know, in May, we're going to Canada & Alaska on one of those APT tours then we have 4 days in San Francisco and 5 days in Los Angeles. This trip came about because I'm going to the ATLA (American Theological Library Assoc) conference in LA and we couldn't just fly there and back, so we tacked on this trip before it as well. And my parents are coming too so it should be a wonderful time. I am SO looking forward to it.
Happy Stitching,


  1. It looks great! I've been to San Francisco and it was lots of fun. Your trip sounds amazing!

  2. You did make some great progress on "Life". What a wonderful trip you have planned - the time will go so quickly it's good to start preparations early

  3. "LIFE" is really moving along! Love the sound of that trip. "Be prepared" was my Girl Guide motto and I still apply it as much as possible. Maybe you do too.

  4. Great progress and a great holiday planned. I don't blame you for getting excited already!! :)