Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Holiday #15

we didn't have anything planned today, so we had a bit of a sleepin, then got some breakfast at the same cafe as on Sunday, which was very nice (Roxannes cafe). Then wandered around waiting for the shops to open. Most didn't open until 10am which seems weird to me, especially when the shops in Melbourne open at 9am on weekdays. I guess they stay open here later so it evens out. We got a few things, not too much and eventually found ourselves at the Cheesecake Factory on the rooftop at Macy's for lunch. I had done delicious lettuce wraps with Asian chicken inside. They were pretty messy to eat, but very delicious. Then we caught one of the old style tram cars around to Fishermans wharf, looked around there for a bit and got a cable car back to the hotel. Doesn't sound like a lot, but there was a fair amount of waiting at each of the stops waiting for cable cars and tram cars. Thankfully, it was quite sunny, a little windy but overall very pleasant to be out and about. I think we'll all have a snooze now before going to the Nob a Hill Cafe for some Italian pizza and pasta for dinner, mmmm.

Tomorrow we have an earlier start with pick up for the airport at 8am then we fly to Los Angeles for my theological library conference which I am really looking forward to.

Until next time,

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