Friday, 3 June 2016

Holiday #8

it was another long day in the bus today, but again, absolutely amazing scenery. It is nothing like I've ever seen in Australia. Every turn is another perfect picture postcard. We had a few photo stops and got into the Westin at Whistler about 4.30pm which gave us a bit of time to wander around. It is very similar to Sun Peaks but way bigger and way busier! I finally found a Cows ice cream shop with cow chips (potato chips covered in chocolate, sounds weird but they are amazing!) so I got a couple of packets of those and also a Whistler souvenir tshirt. Our room at the Westin is, I think, the best we've stayed in so far. It has a large lounge space, a reasonable kitchen, big bathroom and king size bed. We even have a (fake) open fire and a balcony. Very fancy indeed.
Looking forward to dinner tonight if the standard of the room is any indication of the standard of the hotel in general.
We have a peak2peak gondola ride tomorrow which I'm looking forward to. Hopefully the weather stays clear and calm for it.
Until next time...

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