Saturday, 4 June 2016

Holiday #9

today we left Whistler. Due to an error by the tour director, the peak2peak gondola ride wasn't supposed to be included in our tour, it was an optional extra. As it turned out, it was quite overcast and wouldn't have been worth buying a ticket for as there wouldn't be a great view. So instead we had free time. I went to the Whistler public library and was very surprised with how neat it was. All the books were perfectly lined up on the shelves with some front facing display books. I complimented the staff on their shelving work.
We grabbed a small lunch then left for the trip back to Vancouver. Tonight we have a farewell dinner to mark the end of our land part of the tour. Tomorrow we have a very early start in order to get through the US border and customs crossing with time to hopefully get lunch on the cruise ship for the start of the cruise portion of the tour. We were told it would be a good idea to get some supplies in case we get delayed at customs which could be up to a couple of hours - hopefully we go through without any delays.
Then we start the cruise portion. Everyone is really looking forward to not having to get up at a certain time, not having to be in a certain place at a certain time, etc. it will be wonderful. But it also means I won't have Internet access unless I go ashore when we stop and can find wifi. Therefore, it might be several days until my next post.
Thanks for sticking with my holiday diary the last week or so. I hope to visit some cross stitch shops in a few Alaskan stopovers and will be sure to tell you all about them!
Until next time...

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