Thursday, 9 June 2016

Holiday #10

back into range after a few days at sea. We are in Sitka, Alaska.
We've witnessed some amazing scenery, seen some whales, Eagles, otters and bears over the last few days. Yesterday we were in Glacier Bay which was lovely, the day before that we were in Juneau, capital of Alaska. Tomorrow we are in Ketchikan, then Victoria before we get off the ship in Seattle on Saturday.
Got news that our dog had escaped, but thankfully he is back where he is supposed to be. Bit of a stress, but not much we could do about it from here.
We've seen about the whole town of Sitka, it's not very big so we might go back to the ship for more food! There'll definitely be a diet waiting for me when we get home!

Didn't get any cross stitch stuff in Juneau as they didn't have any smaller designs. Great shop if you're into quilting though, beautiful fabric patterns. I got a small polar bear and owl mill hill cross stitch set in Sitka which will match the kit I got on the Canada trip last year.

Until next time,

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  1. So glad to hear Clarence is back to where he should be!
    Your holiday sounds amazing so far!! Love the photos posted on FB. Tell us the food you have been enjoying?