Sunday, 12 June 2016

Holiday #11

hello again,
It feels like ages since I was able to post. Sine Sitka, we have been to glacier bay, Ketchikan, and Victoria CAnada and this morning we are in Seattle at the airport about to head to San Francisco for a few days. The cruise part of the trip was amazing, very relaxing, wonderful scenery. All we've been doing is eating and sleeping! I've kept a list of what we've eaten and will describes me things in more detail when I update the posts with pictures after I return home.
Didn't get any more cross stitch kits as the shops in each place all had the same six designs. Materials for patchwork were amazing. If I was in to patchwork, I could fill another suitcase!
T we will be fine for the trip home as we have business allowance which is higher.
It will be nice to make a home in the hotel in sf for the next few nights. We are all really looking forward to the baseball match on Sunday night. SF Giants vs LA Dodgers. I don't have a clue what is going on but it is still fun. We also have a tour booked for Monday to see all the major tourist highlights which will be good. Tuesday is our free time shopping day. We are at the weight limit with our luggage so we might have to pay extra for the domestic flight to LA
So far, the weather has been great everywhere we've gone, and the scenery and activities amazing. Also, no one in our group has been very sick (my parents both had colds, but otherwise all good).
Until next time,

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