Monday, 26 September 2016

Candy Cane Santa Stocking #15

I had a good stitching weekend, but a lot of stress as well. I'm a bit worried about this stocking, given it dosn't look like there is enough fabric left to do the bottom part of the stocking. I've measured it against my other stockings, and it looks like it will be OK, but to the naked eye, there just doesn't look like enough fabric left... time will tell. Nothing I can do about it now, I'm not puling out the whole stocking, that's for sure!

Our footy team, the Western Bulldogs made it in to the AFL Grand Final next week - it was a very stressful match as the lead changed a number of times, but in the end, we were in front. On Sunday, we went to the VFL (seconds) Grand Final and that was an exciting match too. We won that so hopefully the seniors can do the same next weekend! First time in 55 years our team has been in a Grand Final, so it's about time!

Forgot to stick in a pic of the framed Robots ABC which I collected on Friday afternoon. Very happy with the result! Also got the 4 small sayings but I'll wait until I hang them before I post a photo.

Happy Stitching,

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