Monday, 19 December 2016

Provence Market #13 & Patchwork non-update & New York Pillowcase

I filled in the bits remaining to complete over to the right-side border which is quite pleasing. Unfortunately, I had more time to do this cross-stitch than I was planning this weekend as my patch-working efforts didn't go according to plan...

I measured and remeasured, and it still isn't the size it is supposed to be when stitched, so I'm going back for a followup lesson from my friend Judith who has been very accommodating with my lack-lustre efforts! I don't have any photos of it as I don't want to show it off until it is right. Hopefully, it is just one little thing I'm doing wrong that Judith can show me and that will get me back on track... so frustrating!

But just to show I'm not completely hopeless, I did manage to make up a pillowcase from a crunchable map of New York that we used on our holiday last year. I think it will make a nice little gift for my husband who is dying to go back again...
I bought some white material with little silver dots and I think it ties it together nicely. At least something went right this weekend.
Hope your weekend was more productive than mine turned out to be.
Happy Stitching,

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