Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Provence Market #15

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, and received a visit from Santa! We had a great day with my parents and sister's family and ate way too much! It was very hot and we all had a snooze after lunch.

On Boxing Day, we made our way down to Aireys Inlet and as soon as we arrived it started to rain, and it hasn't stopped since! So much for the heatwave the weather people were saying we were going to get! At least it does mean sleeping at night has not been a problem. We managed a quick walk yesterday but it has been raining all morning so far so that might be out for today. Thankfully, the Box Day cricket test has been on TV, and in between the rain delays, there has been some cricket to watch. We've also been watching season 6 of Game of Thrones and have had to restrict ourselves to no more than 2 episodes each day, otherwise we'd watch the whole series...

I've also been working on my Provence Market kit, I've started re-reading the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child, and I got a new colouring book to start on as well. I'm happy with my progress on Provence Market, but I forgot to take a photo of my first night here, so it looks like I've done heaps since the last update - just remember it is spread over 2 days.
Apologies for the quality of the photo - it is so overcast here, the lighting is terrible. And I just realised it has reversed itself... not sure what is going on there. The red umbrellas should be on the left and the blues should be on the right. At least you can see how much I've done over the last few days...

And some exciting news - I've just got an order for 2 more Christmas stockings for 2017! I'm looking forward to getting a start on those. So much for doing one project at a time - I'm going to have several things on the go over the next few months. So far, the list is: Provence Market; my patchwork doona cover projects (I'm making 6 single bed doona covers and I'm only about ⅔ of the way through the first one); my friend Judith has a stitching project she has asked me to do and I said I would give it a go; and now 2 more Christmas stockings. Thankfully, there's no rush on the Christmas Stockings, I've got almost a year to do those! I guess it is good to be busy, better than having nothing to do...

Well, maybe your year ahead is not as full as mine is starting out to be, or maybe it's even fuller, but I hope you've got some exciting stitching (or other) projects planned for 2017.
Happy Stitching,

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  1. Hi Kerrie: I have wondered what boxing day was, had to look it up, so many definitions, but I like the one with the leftover food the best.
    I like seeing your stocking work now two in the works wowzer.
    Province Market is really coming along, looks wonderful.
    You are a sweetheart for doing that favor for your friend.