Monday, 23 January 2017

Patchwork Update #7 & Coeliac Disease

On the weekend I finally finished off the beige patchwork doona top. Now I'm ready to do the backings but that will have to wait a little while until I can find time...
I also sewed 2 grocery bag holders which I'm pleased with; although, the first one had a few mistakes which I fixed up in the second one, but I made different mistakes in that one. Hopefully the third and fourth holders will be just right...

The other big news of the weekend was that I was diagnosed with severe coeliac disease - meaning I have to follow a lifetime gluten free diet. Shopping on the weekend took twice as long as usual because I had to read every label on every product to ensure it was OK for me to eat. My husband, who does most of the cooking, is also on a big learning curve about what he can and can't put into his creations. Thankfully, there is a fairly wide range of gluten free products available now so it doesn't appear to be as difficult as I was expecting (but it is only my first few days doing it...) Only downside is, they are all more than twice the cost of regular products... My porridge budget has gone from about $2 per week to $12.50 for GF oats! I tried quinoa porridge (which I thought would be disgusting) and it was surprisingly yummy.

I also spent quite a bit of time re-organising the pantry into GF and non-GF stuff:
I cooked up a batch of Italian hazelnut biscuits using almonds, so I guess they should be called Italian almond biscuits. They just used ground almonds, egg whites and sugar so they are basically a crunchy meringue - quite yummy for my morning teas. I made a choc mint almond thing (I can't remember what it is called) as another morning tea alternative. And I bought a GF packet mix for banana bread but I didn't read it properly and I had to buy real bananas to go with it so I'll probably make that later this week. Usually, when I've bought banana bread mixes in the past, the bananas are dried and included in the mixture - maybe the GF version is better for you given it uses real bananas?

Anyway, it;s a big learning curve and shopping will get quicker the more familiar I become with what I can and can't have. I have to acknowledge the Coeliac Society of Australia (which I have joined) for their support and a fantastic samples pack of products which was very helpful to start off with. Their welcoming pack comes with heaps of great information to get you started on the gluten free journey...
Happy Stitching,


  1. I sympathise with your Coeliac Disease, Kerrie, although agree that it's easy to find (expensive) alternatives these days. After being quite ill for months, my daughter was finally diagnosed with CD just before Christmas. Luckily she likes to source/cook her own food so it's been quite easy for her to adapt. :)

  2. Sorry that you have been diagnosed with CD. As you said its easier to fond GF food these days. Look out for millet products,they may help.

  3. Celiac often coexists with other food allergies, so keep an eye on your symptoms and what GF foods that you are eating. I would recommend a food diary for a number of months to help as your body heals. We have dealt with CD in the family for almost 10 years now. It is a journey, to be sure!! Hope you feel better!!